Thursday, 16 March 2017

House of the Scorpion Post #6 Protagonists- Compare and Contrast

In class, we recently watched the movie Gattaca, after we finished reading House of the Scorpion. These two stories have a very similar message, but also have their differences. For example, the parents in Gattaca knew what was going to happen to their son, and so did Celia in House of the Scorpion. Both of the children had something to do with their heart. Matt’s heart was going to be used as a donor heart for El Patron, and Vincent was going to die of a heart disease. 

Matt is singled out from the others because he is not the same; he is a clone. Matt faces similar discriminations as Vincent, however Matt must deal with that fact of him being a photograph of another powerful and evil man. In this world, being genetically modified is not better; it just means that your body parts are utilized to extend lives of those who have similar DNA. Creating clones can only do this and El Patron has done so for multiple years. Realization slowly comes to Matt about his true purpose, and he begins to hide the fact of him as a clone. He frantically tries to learn as much as possible so that he can impress others and hopefully come to the point of convincing that he is similar to every other normal boy.

Vincent lives in a world where genetic modification can easily alter the many characteristics of a human, and is actually encouraged to ensure to create a child that is no less perfect than any other. Though, even the slightest defect can class the child as defective and can separate it from doing the things that everyone could. Vincent is the child that would normally be considered human, but due to his genetic make-up, he is categorized as less suitable for traveling into space and instead is ordained a life employed at a boring career.

In both stories there is  greater evil (or antagonist). In Gattaca  and House of the Scorpion, the greater evil is the society, except in Gattaca, in- valids are not accepted. To be valid, you have to be genetically engineered to be perfect. This is the opposite in  House of the Scorpion, because matt was created in a lab, and he is unwelcome in society. 

Some similarities in the books are that: 
  • The family in Gattaca thinks that his Vincent is dead, and in House of the Scorpion, the family back at the estate thought that Matt was dead.
  • The doctors in both books knew their true identities and what they were meant to do, but they never told them, until the very end of the story. 
  • Both protagonists (Vincent and Matt) try to hide their true selfs to fit into society, because neither one of them is truly welcome in society. if they switched worlds, then they would fit in.  

The stories both end in a similar way, Vincent ends up visiting space, and Matt is the leader of Opium, saving it from the evil presence of El Patron. They both received further acceptance in their society and I assure you they very well deserved it! Throughout all the experiences in their lives, it clearly signified that Matt and Vincent were both round and well-built characters, making them excellent heroic protagonists in either story.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

House of the Scorpion Post #5 Real Life Farm Patrol

House of the Scorpion is a bit of an everything book, but in this blog post, I am going to be focussing on the action part. Most of the action is when both matt and Celia escape. In chapter 14, Celia tells matt about when she escapes from Azatlan. She wanted to go through Opium to the united states, but she could not. Then El Patron ‘adopted’ her to be a chief. In chapter 25 Matt escapes To Azatlan, because has no other choice, because everybody thought that he was dead. This is the case with many, many people that have to leave their homeland because it is too dangerous.

Many many people (just like Matt) are escaping their home countries to have a better life. Leaving with just the clothes not heir back, and whatever they can carry. Currently, under Trump’s Presidency many people are fleeing the border to Canada, because they feel as though their rights are being violated.  Celia traveled across to the United States illegally. Many people came with her, but the rest either died or were turned into eejits. So may people are are risking their lives and leaving everything they’ve ever known to come to Canada. Most of them are ending up in jail. They would rather do that than to live where they came from. This is how like most of the people that tried to come to Opium turned into eejits. 

So many people are sneaking across the border to Canada, and even coming on rubber rafts risking their lives to live in this country. We take advantage of what we have, and we are so lucky that we can access to this. 

I wonder what it would be like to have to have to leave everything that I have ever known. Before my Grandpa was born in the second world war in Germany,  his father (aka my great grandfather) was working on the railroad. Their family lived their normal life in Germany. His two older siblings went to school, and they were doing their day-to-day tasks. Then the war started. One day bombs stared falling. May grandfather (he was still a toddler at the time)  and his siblings went to the basement, and stayed there until the bombs were over. They survived. Then my great grandfather was working. There were two bomb shelters. His friend went in one, and he went in the other. His friend did not survive. That was when the family decided to go. they had no money, so relatives in Regina paid for the tickets to come to Canada. They starved, and were barely able to survive. It took four weeks on the boat to Canada. Then the train took even longer

Later, my Grandpa got a degree in computer sciences, and my Great Grandfather got a job as a carpenter for the school district. We have the cabinet he build for our parents wedding still in our basement. 

There are so many people who want a better life. Trump set up his travel ban, And El Patron set up his country. This is the world we live in.  Both my family and Celia were both dealing with he same issues. I am wondering why hasn't anything changed? 

Here is the article that I chose:


Sunday, 5 March 2017

House of the Scorpion Blog Post #4- Matt"s Worldveiw

Blog Post #4: Matt’s Worldview

Matt is the main character, or protagonist, in the book House of the Scorpion. He is the only clone who has a brain that is normal and has not been destroyed. The antagonist is El Patron, a legal drug lord who wants to be able to live the life of all his siblings, who all died before he did, and to be rich and have fun for them. His main goal is to collect as much money as he can. Matt went from thinking that El Patron was so great, to thinking that he was so cruel and evil when he found out that Matt only existed to have his organs harvested for El Patron. Matt’s worldview of responsibility to others is to have his organs harvested. Matt’s worldview on equality with others is that he sees himself as equal but nobody else sees him as equal.

I think that Matt’s view of the good life, an element of worldview, is different to everyone else’s, because his life goal is to not die. Unlike El Patron, Matt does not know what money is because he has never been outside of the country. His worldview does not include the goal of collecting money. Since Matt’s only purpose in life is to be harvested for organs, his main goal is to stay alive. 

The worldview element called responsibilities to others asks if it is more important to save yourself or save others? El Patron and Matt’s worldview on this element of is the same but for very different reasons. They both want to save themselves.

Matt’s worldview of human nature is that Matt knows most people around him have good intentions and are morally good, but characters like El Patron are morally bad. Matt’s worldview of human nature is that most people are naturally evil because he knows he is only there for his organs. There are only three people who really care about him and treat him with respect. Matt’s world view of El Patron is that he is an evil person. 

Matt’s worldview is very different from other clones as well, because he is a clone but he can think and have feelings. The other clones do not even know that they exist for organ harvesting. Matt’s sources of ethical wisdom come from what other people have taught him and from what he has been through in life. He knows what is right and wrong because he has feelings and has learned from the past.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

House of the Scorpion Post #3 What it Means to be a Caregiver

I think that what it truly means to be caregiver is to care about the child and to spend time with them. all too teach them important lessons about the outside world. I think that matt could be a very different person of he had exposure to the outside world before. I wonder why he cannot get hurt. I think that it may effect the health of El Patron, because matt is only allowed to do safe things. 

To me education is something that everyone has a right to. I wonder why matt didn’t have education when he was younger, because I started school when I was three, (preschool that is) I wonder if there are different school systems in he future. Also, I wonder if there are less things to learn, because computers do all the work. I also wonder if the curriculum has changed. Because in the book, it says that learning about opium was part Matt's his regular studies.

Matt is homeschooled, but he had his own teacher. Homeschooling is one way to get educated. Three is also boarding school, and regular school, such as 7 and 1/2 hours a day. Maria said that no clones are allowed at school. I wonder if she actually means that or if she just doesn’t want him around, because Tom is saying bad things about him.

I think that somebody can indeed be good and bad at the same time, because it really depends on your worldview. If you think that being a drug lord is good, then they are a good person. But if you think the being a drug lord is bad, then they are a bad person. I also think that all bad people have done good things, and that they have a good side. Just like how you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. But I do not think that Tom has any god in his heart. He probably just wants to have Maria all to himself.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

- Kayla

House of the Scorpion Post #2 My Thoughts on the First 100 (and one) Pages

The majority of people reading my blog already know that I am reading a novel called House of the Scorpion. So far the main character Mateo has found out that he is a clone of a 140 year old man, who is a drug lord in a country called Opium. The Country is in-between what was once called Mexico and the United States. The story goes that El Patron (the 140 year old man) cloned himself. The clone (AKA Mateo) developed in a special kind of cow. I am wondering why El Patron cloned himself. I think that he wants someone just like him to take his place after he dies. That is probably why he wants Mateo to have the best life he can. 

I also am pretty sure this novel takes place in the future, because of the lunar colonies and the eejtis. Eejtis are people who have a chip in their head telling them what to do. It can also be used as an insult. 

It must be really hard for Mateo, because he doesn’t have any real teachers, he just has an eejtis. and he has only on friend who sees him two days oft the week. I think that he is gifted, because everything comes so easily to him. It also Is also probably really hard after you do something great, to know that you are just a clone of somebody, and that society looks down upon you, and that you are not unique, just a mirror image of another person. 

I also am wondering what Maria truly thinks about Mateo. I think that she is just trying to be nice I think that she is misunderstood and that she is different, like how Mateo is a clone, I thinks that she knows what it is like, so she is trying to help him. 

I think that Matteo is going to run away, because nobody is treating him very well and he is not very happy. I think that he really wants attention, because he is working too hard for people to notice him. Because Maria is ignoring him. He is also acting like a spoiled little kid, because he gets whatever he wants, his own body guard and he can punish tom for being rude. 

I think that El Patron is planning to do something with Matt that we will not hear about until later in the book, Because this all seams very suspicious to me. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Friday, 10 February 2017

House of The Scorpion Post 1

In class we are doing a novel study. This is not just any novel study, because the whole grade is reading the same book. We are reading House of the Scorpion. This project means that I am going to change the focus of my blog to be about  House of the Scorpion and the Litspiration challenges with it.

 I am really exited about this new novel study, because I love reading and writing. I can't wait to get started!

Monday, 24 October 2016

My Opinion on Whimsical Ideas

When you were small, you were able to live without a care in the world, to dream about a prince or princess. Why would somebody hide these ideas only to become an adult, which they can be  for the rest of their life? That is a question that I have been asking myself lately after we had watched the movie called the Little prince .  “fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten”- Neil Gaiman

Fairy tales usually include different cultures and ways of doing things. This creates curiosity and inspires children to go places and to ask questions. This creates a love for learning and a good habit of asking questions. They show children to think big and to think creatively. A child's imagination is a key factor in creative thoughts and this can define even what type of career they go into when they grow up.

Giving kids out-of-this-world ideas allows them to think out of the box, and gives them that idea that is carried over adulthood. In electives a couple years ago, we did a challenge called the marshmallow challenge. It was where you and your group had to come up with a way to balance the marshmallow on top of a structure you had to build out of raw spaghetti noodles. All of the pictures with kindergarten groups  were balanced, but when adult groups tried to do it they couldn’t do it.  This applies because it shows that they have a creative side which was built by whimsical ideas.

When you are a kid, almost anything is possible, and it still is. Many people lose that sense because of the responsibilities put on them. Anything really is possible, you never know what you can do when you put your mind to it. Look what human race has done. We have sent  humans to the moon. Now that is pretty out of this world! None of it would have been possible without believing that anything is possible,  and that is what fairy tales and whimsical ideas have taught us. “You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.”- C.S Lewis